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Choosing to visit Lake Bunyonyi or Lake Kivu on your trip

Lake Bunyonyi

Bunyonyi is a local word meaning little birds, however, the traveler’s paradise Lake Bunyonyi is in the southwestern part of Uganda between Kabale and Kisoro districts and this is almost near the Rwanda border.

Lake Bunyonyi is the deepest lake in Uganda, second-deepest in Africa, with 25KM long and 7KM wide all covering an area of 61SQKM. Lake Bunyonyi has a maximum depth of 900metres making it rank the fourth-deepest lake in the entire world.

Goodies of Lake Bunyonyi focus up to infinity where me and you can always find the major towns of Muko, Kyevu on the Bunyonyi shores, that leaves you with a great and unforgettable chill-out and relaxing experience, including 29 islands experience with an example of punishment island called Akampene island where pregnant women that had married outside the official traditional cultural marriage were abandoned, left to starve, drowned in the lake while trying to swim to the mainland, that resulted in their occasional death, and for rare cases they were even tied on trees and left for the mercies of the greedy wild animals, Some that survived were married by the merciful poor fishermen that drained them out of water.

However, this is hardly a bit of an unforgettable experience so Settle your mind, and if you are thinking of a tour or even a safari to Uganda, always think about the incredible Lake Bunyonyi.

Lake Kivu


Lake Kivu is one of the great lakes, a prime destination always visited by several tourists in Rwanda all year round, and, is the largest and most scenic lake in Rwanda. Lake Kivu is on the border of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo with 89KM long and 48KM wide all covering areas of 2700SQKM.

Lake Kivu has a maximum depth of 480Metres making it Africa’s eighth-largest and eighteenth deepest in the world. 58 percent of Kivu’s water lines within the Democratic Republic of Congo in the Albertine Rift in the western arm of the great East African Rift valley. Idjwi is a Lake Kivu’s tenth-island in the world within Virunga National Park boundaries.

Settlements around Kivu include Gisenyi, Kibuye where wind sports tools for sport fishing, windsurfing, and, kayaking can be purchased or even hired. Minded always where to end your safari, think about the amazing Lake Kivu with fresh waters free from crocodiles, hippos, and Bilharzia wearing off your stress and falling home-away. Lounge on the fine sandy beaches, refreshing from a deep swim

Similar activities done at Lake Bunyonyi & Lake Kivu


Similarly, both lakes are gifted with freshwater free from Bilharzia, crocodiles, and hippos. This means that if you ought to be a good swimmer, both lakes are enjoyable and safe for swimming.


Most tourists love hiking and this is done at one’s pace, where individuals or groups are led by a well-trained guide across all desired villages. Hiking at Lake Bunyonyi involves nature walks throughout all the 29 islands, this seems to be exciting and enjoyable. However hiking on Lake Kivu is mainly done on beaches with a package of fine sand, this is mainly done by tourists on a honeymoon or after a safari.


Tourists that often visit Lake Bunyonyi have a great experience of mountain biking on the steep-sloped hills around the Lake making them appreciate the beautiful Bunyonyi scenery, beautiful people of Bunyonyi, and, a fantastic equatorial sun heat that cannot turn you down and along the shores of Lake Kivu, this leaves a great and unforgettable experience. During the biking experience, a well-trained guide is always by your side to help you and guide you.

Water trips

These are mainly carried out using dugout canoes or engine boats. On Lake Bunyonyi, cruising is done with the help of a guide to explore Uganda’s magical Lake with an average of 29 inbound islands this may be done all day long, or even during sunset. Cruising on Lake Kivu can be carried out all day long while having dinner to explore and discover the land of a thousand hills up to the major islands of Napoleon and Amahoro, tourists on this cruise feel relaxed, stress-free, and, a fabulous home-away experience.


Lake Bunyonyi other activities

Relaxing and chill out on the lake shores, Lake Bunyonyi attracts many Ugandan residents, residents from East Africa at large and most valuable tourists from abroad, this is one of the best places to chill after a long safari such as volcano climbing, gorilla trekking. Tourists are prepared freshly caught crayfish prepared in dishes from pizza to pasta, refreshing cool temperatures make you feel home-away, leaves you with a great unforgettable experience of Lake Bunyonyi.

The Bunyonyi cultural tours, this includes a great experience of tourists with the Batwa pygmy people that were originally from the forest, interactive visits to different settlements, long visits to a local market, learning and practicing traditional work such as cooking, building grass-thatched houses, learning local languages, practicing traditional dances which include drinking of locally brewed beer, it leaves you with a fantastic and amazing destination experience.

Lake Bunyonyi formation. Apart from faulting, warping, and volcanicity, the incredible Lake Bunyonyi was formed because of lava damning, where a suspected amount of magma from a hill besides, blocked a river channel which reversed the water to form a Lake. However if one is interested in lava damning, a point where lava blocked the river channel is always seen on the main road from Kabale to Kisoro.

Shorter distance to gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. For those tourists that aim at gorilla trekking in Bwindi National park always stay at Lake Bunyonyi, helps them to break and even shorten the longer distance from Kampala the capital city of Uganda to Bwindi National Park to appreciate and experience gorilla trekking. It’s almost a 2-hour drive from the amazing Lake Bunyonyi, to Ruhija in the east of Bwindi National Park. This makes you save time and an incredible sum of money that may facilitate fulfill your wants during your destination experience.

Birding, Bunyonyi is a local Bantu slang meaning little birds, with a relatively large number of different bird species on the 29 island trees, trees on the lake shores, water birds, this creates a great birding experience on Lake Bunyonyi being led throughout by a well-trained guide, all day long.


Lake Kivu other activities

Water sports, such as windsurfing. The strong waves on Lake Kivu support water sports for example windsurfing, sportfishing, and kayaking, however windsurfing, kayaking, tools can be purchased or even hired across the major town of Gisenyi.

Visit the Imbabazi orphanage, during the 1994 terrible Rwandese genocide, most children were left orphans, so this stimulated Rosamond Carr a foreigner to Rwanda, to establish an orphanage in Gisenyi to take care of children who were left orphans. Today this orphanage at Gisenyi has a great view of the Virunga volcanoes in its background. Not only that this orphanage has beautiful gardens with an amazing restaurant it also prepares both standard and classic food at its best.

Visit Nyamirundi Island, the relief of this island provides an eye-catching view of the well-terraced contours and a gently sloping topography all covered with coffee and banana plantations. A planned visit, this island sufficiently helps you to gain knowledge of growing and processing coffee and an assured chance to taste on the locally processed coffee in the processing sites

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