Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary



Bigodi wetland Sanctuary is a birder’s paradise with more than 138 species of birds & mostly famous as the home of the Great Blue Turaco. The Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary should be on the list for travelers who loves bird watching, it should be a must-visit for all travelers on an Uganda safari because of its rich biodiversity and scenic beauties. Bigodi wetland sanctuary takes about 4 – 5km walk which takes you to an important wildlife corridor of Kibale Forest national park.


 Bigodi name originally from a local Rutooro word ‘kugodya’ meaning ‘to walk tiredly where Visitors could the Bigodi swamp on foot when they were so tired in most cases, for them to go on and visit this African Jungle, they could always rest here, Bigodi wetland is managed by the local community.


Bigodi wetland sanctuary is situated outside Kibale forest national park, Magombe Swamp also hosts more than 8 species of primates which include the black-and-white colobus, mangabey, grey-cheeked, red-tailed, olive baboons, Lhotse’s, blue monkeys, Bushbucks, and mongooses.


Bigodi wetland sanctuary local tour guides are known as you take your interpretive tour, they help you discover the lush green vegetation. Bigodi wetland sanctuary gives travelers a perfect opportunity to view various wildlife species from the forest pathways, top of the trees, boardwalks. Bigodi wetlands tours with a well-trained Sanctuary guide are best done in two sessions that is to say, in the morning or in the afternoon which lasts for almost 3 hours. Although visitors can enjoy the walk whenever they want.


Besides Bigodi wetland sanctuary-guided Nature Walks, KAFRED offers an exceptional cultural experience. KAFRED is also a community-based organization promoting local livelihoods and rich biodiversity conservation through prime ecotourism.


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