Can I Encounter Cultural Activities In Kibale Forest National Park -Uganda



Kibale forest cultural encounter takes you to the Magombe Swamp Wetlands accompanied by a local guide on a walk to explore the local wildlife species, birds, and vegetation. The Batooro daily life Batooro can be unleashed during this village walk, which includes stopovers at the village’s primary school, traditional healers, and the church.


Kibale Association for Rural Environment Development (KAFRED) is a local community-based organization that is promoting local livelihoods and biodiversity conservation through ecotourism within their local communities.


During the Kibale cultural nature walk, the local guide takes you along the boardwalk within the Magombe swamp wetlands. You can spot many wildlife species at close range, including more than 200 species of birds, many butterfly species, and eight varieties of primates, along with swampy vegetation.


The Batooro people's daily lives can be explored during the cultural village walks. Kibale cultural encounter tour takes you to different villages where you will make a stopover at the village’s primary school, traditional healers, and church. You will learn about the roles of Batooro women in the traditional ceremonies and in their local communities, and the history of Bigodi, where the two village tribes merged together. The two tribes include the Batooro joined by migrating Bakiga


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