5 Reasons To Visit Rwanda



Rwanda is a tiny country situated within the Great Lakes region of Africa, Rwanda gained certain popularity due to its recent history. However, Rwanda presents an extra optimistic vision in Africa and offers wonderful natural landscapes and wildlife species to visitors.


Rwanda traditions are authentic which continues to attract many tourists, a place where travelers can buy souvenirs, observe African rapid development, away from Rwanda’s capital, Rwanda has protected and preserved all its natural heritage, Rwanda is also endowed with many lakes including Lake Kivu for relaxation and a peaceful shoreline. Rwanda is also safe in terms of security. 


Gorilla encounters

Gorilla trekking experience can encounter in Rwanda at Volcanoes national park, Volcanoes national park protects half of the world’s total gorilla population. Gorilla tours are conducted with a knowledgeable park guide who will take you to meet the habituated families of the primates staying on the slopes of these chained mountains. In addition, Rwanda is a great ape destination.


People in Rwanda are friendly, and welcoming in nature

Rwanda safari guarantee travelers from Europe or the United states’ complexion are referred to by the term "muzungu" meaning the white one. Respond with a smile "amahoro" meaning hello in Kinyarwanda. Although people inhabiting Kigali speak English or French, they are willing and open to strangers.


Hike Rwanda’s unique landscapes

Rwanda’s landscape nature makes it to be termed as a thousand hills with panoramic views offering palette colors that range from the sweet red to the brightest ever lush green tea plantations. Rwanda’s landscape nature utters a photogenic experience. Volcanoes national park superb extends towards the northern part of Rwanda, it borders Virunga National Park of the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Explore the real history of Rwanda

Rwanda has one of the darkest histories in Africa, when travelers go to Kigali the genocide museum is absolutely a must place to visit dedicated to the memory of the 1994 innocent people who were killed mercilessly in the fight between two tribes in Rwanda. The information regards the killings are displayed to present Rwandan perspective tragi in the country's history.


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