Salonga National Park-Congo



Salonga National Park is located in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Salonga national park is a protected area situated in the heart of the Congo Basin. This park is mainly occupied with the largest tropical rainforest park in Africa and the world’s third-largest national park.


Just Imagine yourself standing deep in the dense damp forest where birds are calling you from the treetops.  these trees are intersected by the endless windy river, small sandy beaches, the palm trees on the river bank, Monkeys swinging on the trees.



Salonga national park is 40% covered by dense forests of the bonobo population left on the continent. Bonobos, Salonga national park protects chimpanzees who are human beings' closest relatives. 


Salonga national park also protects other various wildlife species such as monkeys like the golden-bellied mangabey, the Tshuapa red colobus monkeys, Congo peafowl that is only located in the rainforests, antelope species like the sitatunga, hippos, Forest elephants, leopards, and armored crocodiles occur. Salonga national park protects over 51 mammal species, 223 bird species, and 129 fish species.


Salonga national park covers over 33,350 square kilometers which makes it larger than Belgium, Salonga national park is situated in the south of the Congo River and comprises two big parts that are (Salonga national park's south and Salonga national park North). These two large parts are separated by a 45-kilometer corridor that is inhabited. Salonga national park’s shape part is where reminiscent of human lungs and Nature breathes. 


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