How Much Is Chimpanzee Trekking In Kibale Forest National Park-Uganda



Kibale Forest National Park Safari 2023: Kibale forest national park safari is one of the most rewarding tourist destinations in Uganda and has attracted numerous tourists interested in spotting different primate species that are being protected in the Kibale Forest. Uganda is endowed with many primate viewing destinations, such as Ngamba chimpanzee sanctuary, Queen Elizabeth National Park, where chimpanzee trekking can be done in the Kyambura gorge, and Murchison Falls National Park, where chimpanzee trekking can be done at Budongo forest and Kalinzu forest, but when it comes to Kibale Forest National Park, the primate experience is unmatched, making it the best destination to track primate species.


Kibale Forest National Park harbors over 13 primate species, including the 1,500 chimpanzees and monkey species like the black and white colobus monkeys, olive baboons, velvet monkeys, potto, grey-cheeked mangabeys, galago, and many more. Kibale Forest National Park is also a birding destination, presenting over 350 bird species, Kibale forest national park’s bird species include African pitta, crowned eagle, Collared Apalis, Abyssinian ground thrush, Black-capped Apalis, dusky crimson wing, and Purple-breasted s Sunbird Tourists that visited Kibale Forest national park in 2021 were amused by the numerous attractions they saw when they participated in different tourist activities within Kibale Forest National Park.


Chimpanzee trekking experience 

Participate in a fun-filled adventure such as chimpanzee trekking in Kibale forest national park which involves tourists moving deep into the forest on foot searching for primate species within Kibale Forest. Chimpanzee trekking offers tourists the opportunity to stay with the chimpanzee troop for one hour while observing their different characteristics in the jungle. During chimpanzee trekking, you will see how these primates groom their young, how they live together in harmony with one another, how the adult females take care of their offspring, how infants are taken care of in the troop, and how chimpanzees play swinging from one tree to another, which may help you understand the primate species better. The chimpanzee trekking experience is interesting in that travelers get an opportunity to view different bird species and other primate species within Kibale forest national park for an endlessly amazing experience.


Chimpanzee habituation experience 

The chimpanzee habituation experience gives travelers the most authentic experience with chimpanzees in their natural environment. The chimpanzee habituation experience is when travelers participate in training the chimpanzee troops to get used to the human presence. The chimpanzee habituation experience makes a traveler feel like a VIP because they are escorted by the park ranger and researchers. The chimpanzee habituation experience offers travelers the chance to understand how chimpanzees react, feed, and play in the human presence during the chimpanzee training sessions in the park. The chimp habituation experience is so rewarding because tourists spend more time with the chimps, monitoring their authentic reactions, and attempting to study these chimps before they become accustomed to human presence in the wild.


Birding in Kibale forest National park 

Bird watching in Kibale Forest National Park will never disappoint you when visiting this national park because Kibale Forest National Park harbors over 350 bird species, which gives travelers a higher chance to spot more than 100 bird species per bird watching experience in either the Bigodi Wetlands or at the Kanyachu. Kibale Forest offers you the opportunity to view the Albertine Rift bird species, forest birds, bird species from the Congo biome, numerous migratory bird species, and many other bird species. African pitta, Dusky crimson wing, Abyssinian ground thrush, Black-capped Apalis, Crowned Eagle, Collared Apalis, and Purple-breasted Sunbird are among the Kibale forest bird species.


Bush crafts

Bushcraft safaris can be done during your Kibale Forest National Park safari, and they are done by children aged 15 and below, which could be the best alternative for children since they are not allowed to participate in chimpanzee trekking experiences. Bush crafts involve children hiking in the forests for nature walks with park rangers; bush crafts give a chance for children to spot many bird species and primate species; and at the end of the nature walks, children are taught many things, such as basket weaving; they can also just buy a souvenir made from different plant materials that may make their experience memorable at Kibale Forest National Park.


Nature walks in Kibale forest national park 

Kibale Forest National Park’s guided nature walks ensure travelers spot many primate species, such as the different monkey species like red-tailed monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, velvet monkeys, and Mona monkeys, among others. It also takes travelers to see many bird species, such as the white-winged warbler, yellow-spotted nicator, grey-breasted pitta, papyrus gonolek, airy-breasted barbet, grey-winged Robinchat, white-back olive black bishop, white-spotted fluff tail, and black-crowned waxbill, which offer an amazing safari.


Night Nature Walks in Kibale forest National Park

Night nature walks in Kibale Forest National Park allow you to see nocturnal animals in the wild. Kibale Forest National Park offers nocturnal animal species such as potto, pangolins, bush babies, and many others.


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