What Can I Do In Lake Mburo National Park-Uganda



Lake Mburo national park is the closest national park to Kampala, located between Masaka and Mbarara districts. It takes about 4 hours’ drive time to arrive from Kampala or Entebbe International Airport. Lake Mburo National Park covers an area of 370 km2 that includes the five lakes.


Lake Mburo National Park is diversified with several wildlife species, such as the most recently translocated giraffes, Cape buffaloes, waterbucks, elands, antelopes, warthogs, zebras, oribis, and topis. As you enjoy a boat cruise on Lake Mburo, you will be able to spot crocodiles and hippos. Lake Mburo National Park is home to a wide variety of birds, some of which are water birds, forest birds, and savanna birds.


 Lake Mburo national Park has thrilling tourism activities 


Game drives.

Lake Mburo national park game drives take travelers to a savannah African national park that is safari rewarding prime activity that one can ever carry out in the wildlife, Game drives guarantees travelers an amazing opportunity to see giraffes, Cape buffaloes, elands, zebras, oribis, antelopes, waterbucks, and different bird species. 

Boat cruise


Lake Mburo national park boat cruise is a rewarding activity traveler ought to look for, while they are in Lake Mburo national park, the cruise on this lake equally guarantees you to view amazing flora and fauna at Lake Mburo national park alongside wildlife such as hippos, crocodiles, and bird species such as pelican, African fish eagles, kingfishers, rare shoebill stork, herons, cormorants, and hammer kobs. 


Lake Mburo Birding safaris has increasingly become an attraction at lake Mburo national park with a wider huge bird species that frequently storm the park, Lake Mburo national park's most distinct bird-watching points include salt licks area, Rubanga forest, Rwonyo camp, swampy valleys of Mariti and roadsides.


Lake Mburo national park most notable bird species include crowned cranes, bare-faced go-away birds, coqui Francolin, emerald spotted wood, rufous bellied heron, ross turaco, white-headed barbet, white parrot, Nubian woodpecker, red-shouldered tit, kingfisher, black-bellied bustard, yellow-breasted Apalis, long-tailed cisticola, kingfisher, African fish eagles, and a pelican.


Lake Mburo guided nature walks are a welcoming activity that starts from 7:00 am and takes about 2 hours in the western part of Lake Mburo national park, Lake Mburo national park is open to all visitors throughout the year, For travelers who intend to do guided nature walk, it is usually done along with the ranger guide From Rwonyo Center, the guided nature walks take you to the salt lick, presumably the candy place, where numerous wildlife animals parade to enjoy the taste of the salty lick, which is made up of water and soil.


Lake Mburo National Park's fascinating nature walk takes travelers through the Rubanga forest, which is suitable for those interested in birding and nature viewing. This forest walk, conducted by a ranger, should have been arranged earlier.

Lake Mburo National Park horseback riding is another unique aspect where travelers can carry out a game viewing exercise while riding a horse. Horseback riding activity gives Lake Mburo National Park a credit among all Uganda’s national parks as you are horse riding while viewing wildlife.


 Sport Fishing

Lake Mburo national park fishing is possible because the lake is endowed with six fish species, such as tilapia, the most commonly caught fish, catfish, lungfish, Angara fish, tiger fish, and barbell. Lake Mburo national park's most common fishing spot is Mazinga. Those tourists who love to participate in a fishing safari must carry their own equipment, and Devine African Safaris helps secure fishing permits from the Uganda Wildlife Authority.


Rubanga Forest

 Rubanga forest is home to an estimation of over 40 bird species that are usually referred to as forest birds, Rubanga forest is suitable for birders. Rubanga forest bird species include green pigeon, double-toothed barbet harrier hawk, shoebill stork, Pelican, the narina trogn, and the grey-backed camaroptera among others.


Bicycle rides

 Lake Mburo bicycle rides at the park take a maximum of 1 hour with a guarantee of viewing zebras, antelopes, elands, warthogs, buffaloes, waterbucks, bushbucks, and many more. All the bicycle tours are well guided by Uganda wildlife Authority rangers, who direct specific areas to venture in order to have the best wildlife view.





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