What Can I Do In Lake Bunyonyi -Uganda



Swimming lake Bunyonyi is crocodile-free, hippo-free, and Bilharzia-free. This means it is safe for travelers to swim as they enjoy their stay at Lake Bunyonyi. However, Lake Bunyonyi is a deep lake, as it was ranked the second deepest lake in Africa. Therefore, you must be a good swimmer, although swimming can also be done at some lodges with a swimming pool.


Dug-out canoe boating: use an ancient dugout wood boat for canoes with a drive and a guide who will help you explore the 29 islands on Lake Bunyonyi, discover the quaint villages and forest. Canoeing can take the whole day or just a few hours, depending on the traveler’s choice.


Nature walks and hikes at Lake Bunyonyi nature walks and hikes, are very rewarding activities that take you to view the beautiful scenery, bird species, and wildlife. Lake Bunyonyi nature walks don’t require a lot of physical effort with a professional guide.


Hiking in Lake Bunyonyi reveals an insight into the beautiful tranquility of nature through small villages where travelers will have a chance to interact with indigenous people. Hiking involves idyllic hamlets in the villages, with garden hills terraced around Lake Bunyonyi.


Mountain biking can be done as you enjoy the local people and their communities, view Lake Bunyonyi's beautiful scenery, and visit hamlets as you feel authentically African.


Bird watching: Lake Bunyonyi is among the best birders' destinations, with very many little birds. It harbors over 200 bird species, which makes it another birding haven.


Travelers may choose to do birding activities on the great boat safari with a professional birding guide as they explore the 29 islands. These birds are always along the shores of the lake.


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