What Can I Do In Tooro Semliki Wildlife Reserve-Uganda



Tooro Semliki Wildlife Reserve is situated in the deep, remote heart of Uganda’s Western Rift Valley. Tooro Semliki Valley is a prime protected area offering both a national park and a wildlife reserve with exceptional experiences. Much of the Semliki Valley remains untouched, and the protected area harbors specialties such as primate species, shoebill stork nesting, and Lake Albert shadows.


Semliki wildlife reserves accommodate bird species such as the 30 rare endemics, the shoebill stork, and both northern and southern migrant birds. The specialties include carmine bee-eaters, pearl-spotted owls, and scopes, which attract many birders.


Tooro semliki wildlife reserve is located where the far easternmost reaches the Central African tropical rainforest. The Semliki Basin meets savannah alongside the shining rivers, bordered by a beautiful escarpment with the perfect viewpoint when the valley plunges into Lake Albert. Semliki harbors riparian forest, Borassus forest, gallery rainforest, and both long and short grass plains. In the lush river valley vegetation, there are magical chimpanzees, leopards, lions, elephants, and African Cape buffalo. Semliki wildlife reserve hot springs, called Sempaya, are the key tourist attraction there.


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