Big Cats Of Akagera National Park-Rwanda



Akagera National Park protects the big cat’s family such as lions, cheetah, and leopard are among the big cats that are harbored in Akagera National Park. Akagera national park is situated just 2.5 hours from Kigali Rwanda’s capital city, Akagera national park is only Rwanda’s savannah national park, the only national park where travelers can experience hunting, discover Rwanda’s uniqueness, and the film Big cats.


 Lions are the majority prevalent big cats in Akagera National park, lions were just brought in 2015 when seven lions were relocated in from private reserves in South Africa by African Parks, African parks is a non-governmental organization in charge of managing the park as well as Nyungwe Forest National Park. Two more male lions were also introduced into Akagera national park in 2017, and the number of lions has kept increasing ever since then, with multiple dozens of cubs being born in the park over the past five years. Leopards can also be spotted in Akagera national park, although their numbers are quite low.


 However, the finest number of leopards are reported to be seen around the Magashi Tented Camp area, which travelers should consider while visiting during your Akagera wildlife safaris. Civets, genet cats, and servals are among smaller small remaining fascinating cats that can be spotted in Akagera National Park Rwanda. 


The best time to see the Big Cats in Akagera National Park? 

The best time to view the Big Cats at Akagera National Park lasts from June, July, August, and September during the long dry season when the trucks are dry. During the dry season, the shrubs are thin, which allows easy spotting of the Big Cats of Akagera National Park.


 However, Akagera national park can be explored throughout the year, mostly for travelers who prefer to visit during the wet season, although some travelers prefer to visit the park between the months of March and April, these are among the rainiest months in Rwanda.


How is it possible to film Big Cats in Akagera National Park Rwanda?

Filming the big cats at a price, filmmakers can participate in filmmaking with the Big Cats at Akagera National Park Rwanda. Visitors who are interested in filming the Big Cats in Akagera National Park must first contact a tour operator or the park in order to purchase a filming permit and get more information about the park’s filming requirements.


Requirements for filming Big Cats in Akagera National Park?

Filming licenses at Akagera national park are issued by the Rwanda Development Board, a government body that is in charge of managing all national parks and protected areas in Rwanda. Akagera national park filming permissions can also be issued by the Rwanda Media High Council, to members of the press or media houses in Rwanda. Travelers interested in applying for the filming licenses in Rwanda to participate in the filming with the Big Cats of Akagera National Park Rwanda, the crew must complete the Rwanda Press requirement application Form and submit all the necessary documents such as A formal letter should be submitted to the Executive Secretary requesting accreditation to film with the big cats in Akagera national park.


 Scan and email a recent colored passport photo of the interested person.

 Send a scanned copy of your passport to the person who wants to film.

 Scan and email proof of payment receipt from the Rwanda Revenue Authority. Except for people who come from countries that directly benefit from the Rwanda Visa Waiver, 

scan and provide a copy of the traveler’s visa. These benefices include Members of the East African Community, the United States, and COMESA member countries are in the same categories. 

Scan and email a copy of your country’s media/press card.

Scan and email a list of all the filming types of equipment and kits that will be used for the production. Travelers are also required to list the whole crew members. Depending on the nature of the filming project you are interested in, processing the filming licenses for Akagera national park takes may take from 2 to 7 working days.


 How much does a filming Permit cost in Akagera National Park Rwanda?

 Filming permit cost in Akagera national park Rwanda’s Akagera National Park varies depending on how long your filming project is. For instance.


$30 Filming Permit available between 1-15 days • 

$50 Filming Permit available between 15-30 days 

• $100 Filming Permit available between 1-3 months 

• $200 Filming Permit available between 3-6 months •

 $300 Filming Permit available between 6months to 1 year.


 Where can a traveler stay during their visit to Akagera National Park?


 Akagera national park offers a variety of lodging facilities that is always available for visitors who are planning to spend their night or two in Akagera National Park, these lodging facilities range from budget to standard and luxury depending on the tourist’s budget. Lodging facilities in Akagera national park include Magashi Tented Camp, Karenga Bushcamp, Rusizi Tented Camp, and Akagera Game Lodge.


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