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Nyungwe forest national park is among the four national parks in Rwanda. Nyungwe Forest National Park is home to Rwanda’s chimpanzees and other 13 primates. Nyungwe Forest National Park is Rwanda's largest national park, and it is located in Nyungwe Forest, hence its name. Nyungwe Forest National Park attracts many tourists interested in the chimpanzee trekking experience.


Nyungwe forest national park is most famous for wild chimpanzees and the canopy walk bridge in this Afro-Montane forest. Nyungwe Forest is recognized as the largest Afro-Montane forest in Africa and is located in the southwest of Rwanda. Nyungwe Forest is on the border of Rwanda and Burundi, as well as in the southwestern part of Lake Kivu and west of the Congo. Nyungwe Forest National Park is in the Rusizi district of Rwanda.


Nyungwe Forest accommodates two families of chimpanzees and another 13 primates, which is equal to 25% of the primate species found in Africa. Nyungwe forest also protects over 275 different bird species, both migratory and forest birds, as well as endemic birds. There are also 85 mammal species, 1,068 plant species, 18 reptile species, and 32 amphibians that can be spotted when you visit Nyungwe Forest National Park.


Nyungwe Forest National Park, one of Africa’s oldest tropical rainforests, was upgraded as a national park in 2004 and is also established as an important destination for conservation in Africa because of its rich biodiversity of wildlife species surviving within Nyungwe Forest. Nyungwe Forest National Park lies in the western arm of the Great Rift Valley, and the Albertine Rift is famous for having a number of endemic species.

 Nyungwe forest national park has a number of tourist activities that visitors can participate in and a few of them are discussed below:


Chimpanzee trekking experience 

The chimpanzee trekking experience is one of the most thoughtful tourist activities in Nyungwe Forest, and Nyungwe Forest National Park offers two habituated chimpanzee families that clients get to visit. Tourists are allowed to trek with one habituated chimpanzee family from Uwinka, and there is another larger group to trek in the Cyamudongo forest. Chimpanzee trekking in Cyamudongo is more physically challenging than in Uwinka. A Nyungwe Forest National Park chimpanzee trekking permit costs 90 USD. The chimpanzee trekking experience takes approximately 4 hours to be completed, depending on the location of the chimpanzees, and usually starts as early as 6 a.m.


Canopy walk

Participate in Nyungwe Forest National Park's thrilling hike, which takes place on the 70-meter-high, highly suspended bridge that is situated in Nyungwe Forest, for the best views of Nyungwe Forest from the top. Nyungwe Forest National Park The canopy walkway is 200 meters long, offering the greatest opportunity for bird watching and spotting some butterfly species. The Nyungwe forest canopy walk also provides visitors with the opportunity to see other primate species, such as monkeys, on the canopy walkway. Nyungwe Forest Canopy Walk offers two shifts for participants to take on this particular activity: the first shift, which starts at 9 a.m., and the afternoon shift, which begins at 2 a.m. A permit for Nyungwe canopy walks costs $60 per person. Nyungwe forest national park The canopy walk took 2 hours to be completely done.

Other primate treks


Nyungwe Forest National Park may be best known for protecting wild chimpanzees; however, the park harbors 12 other primate species. Another common primate trekking experience includes Colobus monkey trekking. The Colobus monkey trekking is done in the Gisakura forest, and it takes over 3 hours to complete the activity, although it varies depending on the location of the monkeys that day.


The colobus monkey trekking is a less demanding and more relaxed activity that can be enjoyed for only $60 per person per trek. The colobus monkey trekking experience starts at the Gisakura Guest House, which offers the black and white colobus monkeys at Uwinka as well. As some terrain is difficult, bring your binoculars, hiking shoes or boots with a good grip, and a walking stick.


Travelers can also participate in Blue monkey trekking from the Uwinka Reception Center or opt for a grey-cheeked mangabey trek from the Uwinka Reception Center as well. The blue monkey trekking experience and the grey-cheeked mangabey trekking experience permits are sold at $ 60 per person.


Nature walks

Nyungwe Forest National Park is an ideal destination for travelers looking for ways to get lost in true nature and breathe unspoiled, fresh air. Nyungwe Forest has a good number of Nature walk trails that travelers can take on within Nyungwe Forest National Park, and Nyungwe Forest nature walk permits go for $40 per person.


Bird watching

Take on bird watching in Nyungwe forest national park and spot over 275 bird species within the area. Nyungwe Forest National Park offers over 27 endemic bird species that belong to the Albertine region, and bird watching in the park is best enjoyed with the help of a professional birding guide.


Tea plantation visit

Nyungwe Forest National Park is fully surrounded by a number of tea estates, and if you are a teetotaler, a tea plantation tour would be an ideal activity so that you get an insight into how the tea is grown up to the consuming stage. Travelers always enjoy a hot cup of tea at the end of their tea tour.


Nyungwe Forest National Park takes approximately 5 hours by road to be transferred from Kigali up to the park, and Nyungwe Forest National Park is blessed to have a number of accommodation facilities where a traveler can book to stay during their chimpanzee trekking experience. The lodges include things like Nyungwe Top Hill View Hotel, the one and only Nyungwe House, Nziza Eco Lodge, and Emeraude Hotel. Get in touch with Devine African Safaris and let us know your plan to visit Nyungwe Forest National Park.


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