Can I See Golden Monkeys In Rwanda In 2024/2025

can i see golden monkeys in volcanoes national park in 2024/2025


Golden monkey trekking in Rwanda takes place at the same time as gorilla trekking. Golden monkey species are termed endangered primate species, and Volcanoes National Park has two golden monkey families under habituation that are ready to be tracked by tourists. Both golden monkey groups have about 80-100 members. Click here to see mountain gorilla trekking safaris 


 Rwanda’s golden monkeys stay within the bamboo vegetation at Volcanoes National Park, and golden monkey habituation has helped them overcome their initial shyness in that they even accept being visited daily by tourists and researchers. Click here to view our recommended mountain gorilla trekking safaris 


Golden monkey trekking and gorilla trekking are similar experiences, where the government only accepts a small group of no more than eight people to visit a golden monkey family and spend one hour with these golden monkeys once you find them.


 The golden monkey trekking is worth spending your pennies on at Volcanoes National Park if you’re interested in wildlife species; golden monkey experiences are a rare and delightful feeling not to be missed by any traveler. Besides Volcanoes National Park, other golden monkey populations reside in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in southwestern Uganda.


Just like in mountain gorilla trekking, travelers interested in seeing golden monkeys have to acquire a tracking permit through a registered tour operator, which allows them to access golden monkeys and spend an hour with them in their natural environment. Although golden monkey tracking permits are more affordable compared to gorilla tracking permits,

How much is the golden monkey trekking permit at Volcanoes National Park in 2024/2025?

Visitor category 


Foreign resident 

Rwanda citizen 

East African Citizen 

East African Resident 




RWF 4000



Student/ child 



RWF 2000



The golden monkey trekking permits Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda costs $100 per traveler per trek, and the beauty of golden monkey trekking in Rwanda is that it has a minimum age of 12 years and a maximum 16 travelers per group.

The golden monkeys are easily spotted since most of them stay just below Volcanoes Mountain and can be seen swinging from one bamboo tree branch to another in this tropical forest. The tourists can even see golden monkeys in the short tails.


Travelers trekking golden monkeys go into the forest with experienced tour guides and park rangers. After spotting them, trekkers are given only an hour with these creatures as they observe different characteristics displayed by the golden monkeys. The easiest way to track golden monkeys down is by following the left-over bamboo shoots, which are always left by golden monkeys after eating.


Golden monkeys live in the Albertine region, and they are endemic to the area. Which means that they are species that are confined to a specific area. The Albertine region means a place filled with valleys and mountains characterized by various tree species that make up the forests surrounding the area. Golden monkeys can be seen at Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, as well as at Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda.


Where to see golden monkeys in Rwanda in 2024/2025?

Golden monkeys can be found at Volcanoes National Park, which is situated in the Virunga area, and travelers can be able to recognize them by the gold coating they have on their bodies. Going for the Golden Monkey Track may also give travelers an opportunity to see mountain gorillas, which means you get a two-in-one experience at Volcanoes National Park.

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