14. May 2022
Nyungwe forest national park is among the four national parks in Rwanda, Nyungwe forest national park is home to Rwanda’s chimpanzees and other 13 primates. Nyungwe forest national park is the biggest national park in Rwanda and it is situated in Nyungwe forest thus where its name was formed from. Nyungwe forest national park attracts many tourists interested in the chimpanzee trekking experience. Nyungwe forest national park is most famous for wild chimpanzees and the canopy walk bridge in...
14. May 2022
The entry fees to Akagera National park in Rwanda are reasonable and affordable for people interested in visiting the park. Akagera national park’s entry fees fluctuate after five years, that affects visitors of all ages. Visitors to Akagera national park aged 13 and above are considered adults, while those under 12 years are considered minors. Children below five years of age are not charged any park entry fee to the national park. The Akagera National park fees is paid per day, per person,...
12. May 2022
golden-monkey-trekking-vs Gorilla-trekking -in Rwanda -at- Volcanoes -National-Park.jpg
Golden monkey trekking experience Vs Gorilla trekking experience in Rwanda; Tourists interested in viewing the endangered primate species that are endemic to the Albertine rift, which occupies Mgahinga Gorilla national park of Uganda, Virunga national park in Congo, and the Volcanoes National park in Rwanda, tourists can choose Rwanda as the best destination for viewing these endangered primates such as golden monkeys and mountain gorillas. Tourists who are interested in engaging themselves in...
12. May 2022
Choosing the best mountain gorilla trekking destination in Africa could be quite challenging because Africa offers a number of interesting gorilla trekking destinations that gives tourists an interesting lifetime gorilla trekking experience. Gorilla trekking in Africa is being done in a number of countries but the most famous gorilla trekking destinations in Africa include Bwindi impenetrable forest national park of Uganda, Mgahinga Gorilla national park for tourists who are interested in...
01. April 2022
Volcanoes National park is situated in an ancient emerald forest, mist-swathed mountains that are reverberating and boost the sound of wonderful bird species singing in the park awaits in Volcanoes National park Rwanda. Volcanoes National park is perched on the northwest border of Rwanda, Volcanoes national park occupies over 62 square miles of montane rainforest, it also protects five of the eight chained volcanoes that make up the Virunga Mountains. Volcanoes National Park neighbors Virunga...
18. March 2022
Mgahinga-Gorilla -National-Park -Mountain-Gorilla.jpg
Mgahinga Gorilla national park is situated at the extreme end of the South-western part of Uganda lying in the remarkable zone, Mgahinga Gorilla national park is among the four only National parks in the entire world where travelers can engage in mountain gorilla trekking. Mgahinga was upgraded as a national park in 1991 in the same year with Bwindi Impenetrable forest National Park also situated in the South-western part of Uganda), Mgahinga Gorilla National park covers an approximate area of...
17. March 2022
Akagera National Park protects the big cat’s family such as lions, cheetah, and leopard are among the big cats that are harbored in Akagera National Park. Akagera national park is situated just 2.5 hours from Kigali Rwanda’s capital city, Akagera national park is only Rwanda’s savannah national park, the only national park where travelers can experience hunting, discover Rwanda’s uniqueness, and the film Big cats. Lions are the majority prevalent big cats in Akagera National park, lions...
16. March 2022
Semliki National Park is located in the western part of Uganda, Semliki National Park is a national park that is worth exploring as you discover the hidden beauties in the “Pearl of Africa Uganda”. Semliki national park is one of Uganda’s smallest national parks covering approximately 220 square kilometers and standing at an altitude of about 670 to 760 meters above sea level. Semliki national park is famous as a birder haven given to the fact that it hosts over 441 recorded bird species;...
14. March 2022
Lake Mburo national park is always open to all walkers as accompanied by the Uganda Wildlife Authority park ranger guide. Lake Mburo national park’s hiking and nature walk take place at Rwonyo, the guided nature walk takes travelers to the salt lick area with the highest concentration of wild animals that are attracted due to the salty rocks. Rwonyo guided nature walks are on the western part of Lake Mburo national park normally starts at 7 am and takes approximately 2 hours, travelers always...
24. February 2022
December is considered among the best months in Uganda for mountain gorilla trekking experiences due to the fact that it’s largely a dry month where little rainfall is expected in the region. Mountain Gorilla trekking in December is highly recommended for travelers who normally get their work leave or holidays in this period. Therefore, for any traveler who is interested in booking their mountain gorilla trekking December adventure safari, we gladly recommend a Mountain gorilla trekking...

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