How Much Is Chimpanzee Trek In Queen Elizabeth National Park-Uganda



Kyambura gorge chimpanzee tracking is amazing. An adventure that can be done in Queen Elizabeth National Park is in the Kyambura Gorge sector of the park. For travelers, Kyambura Gorge chimpanzee tracking is the most rewarding and adventurous. You trek with chimps in Queen Elizabeth National Park's tropical rain forest, gaining insight into the park's beautiful scenery and natural wildlife wonders such as baboons, red-tailed monkeys, and black and white colobus monkeys, among others.


Queen Elizabeth National Park is not only home to chimpanzees but is also famous for the cunning tree-climbing lions in the Ishasha sector of the park. Queen Elizabeth National Park is home to the wonderful Great Kazinga Channel that separates Lake George and Lake Edward. It is also home to several crater lakes that are salty in nature, with great views of the Mweya peninsula, shrubs, open savannah grassland, and woodland; the tropical rainforest that helps wildlife animals survive; the amazing flora and fauna; and scenic beauties.


Among the Queen Elizabeth Wildlife animals to spot alongside chimpanzee trekking are large herds of elephants, sitatunga giraffes, oribis, elands, herds of buffaloes, zebras, leopards, antelopes, hippos, and topis, among others.

Besides the Kyambura Gorge sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park, chimpanzee tracking experiences can be done in other places, such as Budongo Forest and Kalinzu Forest, although Kibale Forest National Park is the most famous place for chimpanzee tracking adventures in Uganda.


Kyambura Chimpanzee tracking is three times more affordable compared to Kibale Forest National Park and offers almost the same experience, thus making Kyambura Gorge chimpanzee tracking the best destination for budget travelers who would love to enjoy the chimpanzee experience on their Uganda safari. However, despite the chimpanzee permit cost in Kyambura Gorge, the fact remains that Kibale Forest National Park is the most famous place for chimpanzee tracking in Uganda.


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