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11. November 2022
Kazinga channel is situated in Queen Elizabeth national park and is approximately 40 meters long. Kazinga Channel joins two lakes, Lake Edward and Lake George, located in the western and eastern parts of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Kazinga Channel is a top attraction and fundamental attraction at Queen Elizabeth national park where travelers enjoy numerous views of flora and fauna on their launch cruise. Lake Gorge is situated in the eastern part of the Kazinga Channel, which can be reached...
11. November 2022
Mweya peninsula is situated along the remarkable Kazinga channel bank on the northern side; the Kazinga channel merges Lake Gorge and Lake Edward, and Mweya peninsula joins the Kazinga channel track near Queen Elizabeth national park’s main gate of Katunguru. Mweya peninsula moves transversely up to the Kabatoro door with thick vegetation cover that is being ruled by the Candelabra Thorn. Mweya Peninsula's dense vegetation cover makes game viewing of small animals quite difficult; however,...
10. November 2022
Uganda’s secret cleft has been surfaced in this flat savannah grassland bordering Queen Elizabeth national park located in southwestern Uganda, Kyambura gorge harbors the most popular chimpanzee and other primate species destinations in Uganda like olive baboons among others. Kyambura gorge is perched in the eastern part of Queen Elizabeth National Park; Kyambura Gorge is also known as "the valley of the apes." Kyambura gorge is a product of centuries’ erosion by the Kyambura River....
04. November 2022
Uganda is among the top safari destinations in East Africa, where travelers can spot the big five wild animal species. The historical origins of the big five were given by the big-game hunters, who took a practical experiment of hunting the African wildlife species, and their research came out that these big five animals are very difficult to hunt. The big five families include the lion, who is the king of the jungle and can be seen in most of the national parks in Uganda; however, the famous...
24. October 2022
The lion research track is an adventure activity that is only done at the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth national park that is situated within four districts in the western region of Uganda. These districts include Kasese, Rubiri, Kamwenge,and Rukungiri. Queen Elizabeth national park is Uganda’s second-largest national park after Murchison fall national park that receives many visitors due to the mighty Murchison Falls. Queen Elizabeth National Park has a wide range of biodiversity and...
21. October 2022
Uganda is a unique and awesome tourist destination where travelers can view several beautiful monkey species in different tropical rain forests in different regions of the country. Uganda is known by the entire world as the capital of primates. Uganda is gifted by nature with a high concentration of primates in the East African Community and on the African continent. Uganda hosts more than 13 primate species dwelling in the tropical rain forests. These primates are distributed across Kibale...
20. October 2022
Ishasha tree-climbing lions are the largest cats in two African destinations; that is to say, at Queen Elizabeth national park of Uganda and Manyara National Park in Tanzania, where you can enjoy these unique and famous experiences where lions climb big tree branches as they relax. The Ishasha sector is located in the southern part of Queen Elizabeth national park the second largest national park situated in southwestern Uganda. Queen Elizabeth harbors other animals such as elephants, Uganda...
17. October 2022
Chimpanzee trekking is the second most popular tourist activity in Uganda after mountain gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park or Mgahinga gorilla national park. Gorilla trekking involves moving through the thick forest on foot in search of chimpanzees, and once you find them, travelers are allowed to spend an hour with them in their natural environment. Uganda records the highest number of chimpanzees among different destinations, which includes Kibale national park...
13. October 2022
Kyambura gorge chimpanzee tracking is amazing. An adventure that can be done in Queen Elizabeth National Park at the Kyambura Gorge sector of the park. For travelers, Kyambura gorge chimpanzee tracking is the most rewarding and adventurous. You trek chimpanzees in the tropical rain forest of Queen Elizabeth National Park. which gives you the insight to explore the beautiful scenery of Queen Elizabeth National Park and natural wildlife wonders such as baboons, red-tailed monkeys, black and white...
10. October 2022
Chimpanzee trekking in Kyambura gorge is an interesting tourism adventure that is being done at Queen Elizabeth national park in the kyambura gorge sector. Trekking chimpanzees in this sector is rewarding adventurous for many travelers who are interested in searching for chimpanzees in the Queen Elizabeth national park’s tropical rainforest. Take part in the chimpanzee Uganda safari experience that offers an insight to discover Queen Elizabeth national park's natural wildlife species and...

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