Where Can I Hike Volcanoes In Uganda In 2024



Hiking volcanoes at Mgahinga national park is a big tourist attraction at Mgahinga because there are 3 dormant volcanoes that the locals believe were formed in the Pleistocene era many years ago and form part of the Virunga chain of 8 volcanoes. Hiking these volcanoes depends on a visitor’s fitness level. Click here to check mountain gorilla trekking tours 


Uganda Wildlife Authority's experienced guide helps travelers to choose and make the best of their time.


Mountain Muhabura is the tallest with 4,127 meters above sea level x 36 meters width Crater Lake on its summit. Muhabura means guide in the Batwa and Bafumbira people of Uganda. Mountain Muhabura is the tallest and the most difficult to hike. click here to view the most recommended hiking safaris  


It takes a full day plus a steep climbing ladder. Although Mountain Muhabura is in an excellent location for viewing the spectacular scenic views of the entire Virunga chain of eight volcanoes and the snowcapped peaks of Mount Rwenzori.


Mountain Gahinga is 3,473 meters above sea level. That makes hiking easier compared to the rest. It only takes around 6–8 hours to loop the trail that leads to a swamp covering the upper top of the Crater Lake. According to the local people, mountain Gahinga is called a heap of volcanic stones in the farmland's lower slopes. That is where Mgahinga Gorilla National Park got its name.


Mountain Gahinga is mostly loved for less strenuous hikes but only for the 2 km stretch of the bamboo zone. The mountain Gahinga trail ladder makes it easy for travelers to access the beautiful swamp where every traveler encounters several cats looking for food, such as golden monkeys, blue monkeys, and black-fronted duikers.


The mountain, Sabinyo, is referred to as an old man’s teeth by the locals because of its toothed summit. Visitors always hike up to several deep gorges and ravines before reaching its great location where they can view three countries: Rwanda, Uganda, and DR Congo.


When is the best time to hike the Virunga volcanoes in 2024

The best time to hike the Virunga volcanoes is during the two dry seasons. The long dry season lasts from June, July, August, September and the short dry season starts from December to March. During this season, traveler have the best chance to see the clear weather in Uganda. Although it can rain at any time and hiking the Virunga volcanoes can be hiked throughout the year.


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