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12. May 2022
Choosing the best mountain gorilla trekking destination in Africa could be quite challenging because Africa offers a number of interesting gorilla trekking destinations that gives tourists an interesting lifetime gorilla trekking experience. Gorilla trekking in Africa is being done in a number of countries but the most famous gorilla trekking destinations in Africa include Bwindi impenetrable forest national park of Uganda, Mgahinga Gorilla national park for tourists who are interested in...
18. March 2022
Mgahinga-Gorilla -National-Park -Mountain-Gorilla.jpg
Mgahinga Gorilla national park is situated at the extreme end of the South-western part of Uganda lying in the remarkable zone, Mgahinga Gorilla national park is among the four only National parks in the entire world where travelers can engage in mountain gorilla trekking. Mgahinga was upgraded as a national park in 1991 in the same year with Bwindi Impenetrable forest National Park also situated in the South-western part of Uganda), Mgahinga Gorilla National park covers an approximate area of...
25. August 2021
Bwindi -Forest -Impenetrable-National-Park-Gorilla.jpg
Uganda’s true name is “The pearl of Africa”, Uganda harbors many unique features, sights, and sounds that are worth exploring by the tourists during their Uganda trips, most people travel to Uganda for mountain gorilla trekking, Uganda offers a number of tour activities where one can participate in which can be combined to create the best of Uganda Safari and these include Gorilla Tour Uganda – Bwindi impenetrable forest National Park & Mgahinga gorilla national park Uganda gorilla...
18. August 2021
Golden Monkey Trekking in Mgahinga Gorilla national park is an exceptional and exciting tourism activity that involves trekking on foot into the thick forest searching for the habituated golden monkeys, once you have seen them, you are allowed to spend one hour with these primates in their authentic environment. Mgahinga Gorilla National park is situated in Kisoro district just perched in southwestern Uganda. Mgahinga Gorilla national park is Uganda’s only protected area which is home to the...
18. August 2021
Gorilla trekking in Mgahinga gorilla national park Uganda’s smallest national park is situated in Kisoro district in southwestern Uganda bordering both Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Mgahinga gorilla national park was declared a protected area in 1991, it is covering approximately 33.7 square kilometers which comprise of different vegetation series such as Montane forest, Bamboo, montane woodland, and afro-montane, Mgahinga gorilla national park animals include primates like...
16. August 2021
Bwindi -Forest -Impenetrable-National-Park-Gorilla.jpg
Uganda is the “pearl of Africa” Uganda is fantastic compared to any other gorilla trekking experience in Africa. Uganda’s environment of the jungle trek is unbelievable. With each movement one’s expectations rewarded sights with the remaining world’s few mountain gorillas is amazing. Bwindi impenetrable forest national park is confirmed as one of the most fascinating national parks in Africa. Bwindi impenetrable national park was gazetted in 1991 with the mubare mountain gorilla group...
24. July 2021
Uganda gorilla trekking has the best time to be done, although it is a flexible activity that is done throughout the year from January to December and all travelers can still have an exceptional rare adventure with the endangered mountain gorilla species in the African wild. April is among the rainy months in Uganda and is considered a low season for mountain gorilla trekking. April is a low season for the endangered mountain gorilla trekking and the best month to travel to Uganda by the many...
23. July 2021
Gorilla trekking Safaris is an African top list tourism activity to be done in three countries such as Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo. There are approximately 1000 endangered mountain gorillas left worldwide, and these mountain gorillas can be seen in the Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, Mgahinga gorilla national park in Uganda, Volcanoes national park in Rwanda, and Virunga national park in DR Congo. Devine African Safaris offers a variety of mountain gorilla packages. Gorilla trekking...
19. July 2021
Silverback gorilla is a male giant mountain gorilla that is muscular and heavier than the female gorilla. mature silverback gorilla always exercises a leadership role in most mountain gorilla families. They always head the family or break off with other members and form their own gorilla families in the jungle. Silverback mountain gorillas always live in high-altitude areas of Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park. silverback gorillas have a long saddle of...
19. July 2021
Uganda gorilla trekking adventure is always all year round, for example, if travelers missed out on April, May, and March mountain gorilla trekking. Devine African Safaris has got another discounted mountain gorilla offers in November yearly that makes your lifetime dream come true in the world in an unforgettable experience in the African jungle. November is among the short rainy season months of the year and it’s close to the end of year celebrations every year. The rainy season is known as...

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