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Uganda is among the top safari destinations in East Africa where travelers can spot the big five wild animal species. The big five historical origins were given by the big-game hunters, who took a practical experiment of hunting the African wildlife species and their research came out that these big five animals are very difficult to hunt.


 The big five families include the lion who is the king of the jungle that can be seen in most of the national parks in Uganda, however, the famous tree-climbing lions of the ishasha sector located in Queen Elizabeth national park, Murchison falls national park, kidepo valley national park, Lake Mburo national park, and semliki national park. Lions prefer the savannah grassland where they can hunt for prey like kobs, zebras, and other animals easily.


Leopard is counted in the big five families as well, leopards have a nocturnal nature, they are sensitive and fierce, leopards are very had to be spotted though they can be seen in the morning while on an early morning game drives at Queen Elizabeth national park, Kidepo valley national park, Murchison falls national park, and Lake Mburo national park.


The African caped buffalos can easily be seen on your Uganda safari game drives, caped buffalos move in large herds in most savannah vegetation and buffalos’ males lead the herds. Caped buffaloes can be seen at Murchison falls national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, Lake Mburo national park semiliki, national park, and Lake Kidepo valley national park, among other big five families, includes Elephants and Rhinos.


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