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Mgahinga Gorilla national park is situated at the extreme end of the south-western part of Uganda, in the remarkable zone. Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is among the only four national parks in the entire world where travelers can engage in mountain gorilla trekking. Mgahinga was upgraded as a national park in 1991, the same year as Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park (also situated in the south-western part of Uganda). Mgahinga Gorilla National Park covers an approximate area of 33.7 square kilometers, which makes it among the smallest national parks in Uganda. Being among the smallest national parks doesn’t mean that it is visited by fewer tourists or has fewer tourist attractions and activities within the park. Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is a paradise of nature.


If you are interested in Mountain Gorilla Trekking in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park but you cannot afford a mountain gorilla trekking permit, then Mgahinga National Park is the best option for travelers due to the fact that it also offers nature walks and hikes through Mgahinga Gorilla National Park leading to many interesting attractions such as the Sabinyo Gorge where travelers can enjoy viewing different bird species, mammal species such as buffaloes and elephants, and primate species like golden monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, Red-tailed monkeys, and Lhotse monkeys, among others, in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is an ideal destination for different butterfly species and tourists who are interested in studying tree species. Mgahinga Gorilla National Park offers the best hiking safaris.


Hiking in the jungles of Mgahinga Gorilla National Park involves

Hiking to the summit of Mount Sabinyo

Hiking to Mount Sabinyo is one of the best mountain hikes in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, which takes you to the summit of Mount Sabinyo with interesting views showcasing the third peak shared by three wonderful East African countries (Rwanda, Uganda, and the DRC). That feeling of being within the borders of three different countries is an immeasurable experience.


Hiking or climbing Mount Muhabura

Hiking to the summit of Mount Muhabura is no joke because it stands at 4127 meters above sea level and provides the most outstanding views due to the fact that it’s the tallest among the Virunga chained volcanoes. Hiking to Mount Muhabura takes approximately 8–10 hours and offers the most rewarding views when you climb up to the summit within the Virunga Massif. At the summit, you can even view the magnificent Queen Elizabeth National Park and Lake Edward at large.


Hiking or climbing Mount Gahinga

hiking to Mount Gahinga, which stands at 3474 meters above sea level. Hiking to Mount Gahinga's summit takes between 6 and 7 hours. Mount Gahinga Peak is covered by a swamp that was once an incredible crater lake that was created by volcanism.


Hiking via the sabinyo gorge trail

Hiking through the African jungles of Mgahinga takes travelers a 6-kilometer distance to the deep Sabinyo Gorge, which is an extension abrasion along the edge of Mount Sabinyo and offers one of the best productive bird watching destinations with an opportunity to spot the fascinating Rwenzori Turaco. Hiking to the Sabinyo Gorge nature walk always takes about 4 hours and crosses through the Rugezi Swamp, which acts as an outstanding bird-watching spot. Travelers may also be able to see other mammal species such as duikers, black and white colobus monkeys, golden monkeys, and other mammal species.


 Hiking to the Congo-Border Trail

Since hiking through the Congo border cuts across different altitudes or different vegetation zones, hikers get a greater chance of spotting the calderas on the summit of the Gisozi hill. While on Gisozi Hill, you should look out for the beautiful Kisoro town and Bunagana town, which offer the breathtaking Lake Mutanda. This Congo-border trail hike takes about 4 hours and involves moving through the thick montane forest on Mount Sabinyo, which leads you to the border of the DRC.


Hiking to the popular Batwa trail

The Batwa Trail is an interesting one, showcasing the magnificent Batwa people of Uganda. This trail allows travelers to explore the ancient way of life of the Batwa people. The Batwa used to live in the forest, and you will be able to see the forest where they lived before resettlement. The Batwa Trail hike provides visitors with both cultural and natural experiences. You will encounter Batwa’s original hunting techniques and fruit gathering skills, experience honey harvesting processes, and visit the traditional herbalists who get their medicine from the original plant and tree species and use it to treat common ailments. The Batwa Trail experience gives travelers the opportunity to visit the Ngarama Cave, where they are entertained by women performing traditional songs.


Hiking via the golden monkey track

Hiking to the Golden Monkey Spectacular Trail allows tourists to see the gentle golden monkeys in particular, but it also takes two hours to reach the once-farmland within the bamboo forest. If it is a clear day, you will be able to spot the spectacular Virunga Massif and encounter some unique forest animals such as buffalo and bush duikers.


Hiking and nature walks on Mgahinga Gorilla National Park's many trails take you to the summits of Mount Gahinga, Mount Muhabura, and Mount Sabinyo; hiking to the Sabinyo gorge and the Batwa trail provide breathtaking views; and bird watching and butterfly species are fascinating.


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