Where Can I See Gorillas And Chimpanzees In Uganda



The remaining half of the mountain gorilla population is found in Uganda, which lies immediately across the border. Africa Safari Specialists gathered their hiking supplies and made their way to Uganda's stunning montane rainforests.


The Kibale Forest's chimp trekking is undoubtedly the highlight. The chimps were in the forest canopy when they went on the trip, which made it more difficult to see them. We split off from the rest of the trekking group when our guide noticed one of the guys coming down, and we proceeded to follow him into the forest.


Typically, gorilla trekking in Uganda's Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is what draws most tourists there, and the experience is genuinely extraordinary. when the gorillas are moving and feeding. Travelers always observe gorillas playing together, just like small children, and once observed a silverback carrying a baby, a highly unusual observation because male animals often avoid the young.


The group enjoyed the Queen Elizabeth National Park boat tour on the Kazinga Channel. The waterway connects two large lakes that are home to a variety of creatures, including crocodiles, hippos, elephants, buffalo, and birds. In the national park, communities on the channel's banks caught our attention because of how nicely the locals and their livestock coexisted with the wildlife there.


One of the trip's cultural high points is a visit to Deo's Village in Queen Elizabeth National Park's south. It is a genuine experience and fascinating to see the kinds of crops they produce for food and medicine. Tourists also learned more about their methods for preventing wild animals from eating their crops, including a 20-kilometer-long elephant trench that is deep and wide (12 miles). They have a magnificent curio shop that is stocked by widowers, and the money is used because they are unable to do it themselves to maintain their elephant trench in front of the community.


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