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21. March 2023
Kiho Gorilla Safari Lodge is an opulent resort tucked away in the center of Ruhija-Bugarama Village, which is regarded as Bwindi's most picturesque gorilla tracking trailhead. It offers a rare getaway with breath-taking southerly views over forested ridges all the way to the distant Virunga Volcanoes, overlooking the dense, impenetrable forest. Kiho Gorilla Safari Lodge offers 10 luxurious rooms hidden away and encircled by gorgeously wild foliage, giving you the impression that you are staying...
13. March 2023
The remaining half of the mountain gorilla population is found in Uganda, which lies immediately across the border. Africa Safari Specialists gathered their hiking supplies and made their way to Uganda's stunning montane rainforests. The Kibale Forest's chimp trekking is undoubtedly the highlight. The chimps were in the forest canopy when they went on the trip, which made it more difficult to see them. We split off from the rest of the trekking group when our guide noticed one of the guys...
06. March 2023
Bwindi impenetrable forest national park has been recognized for being a wildlife home, specifically a habitat to over half of the total world’s endangered mountain gorilla populations. With a total of twelve (twelve) mountain gorilla families habituated and designated for tourism, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park has four different gorilla trailheads for travelers to track mountain gorillas, which include: Buhoma, Rushaga, Ruhija, and Nkuringo. Primates Bwindi Impenetrable National...
06. March 2023
An encounter with mountain gorillas should be counted among the best moments in the wild worldwide. Mountain gorillas are a rare species; there are over 900 remaining in the whole world, and half of the total world mountain gorilla population resides in Uganda at Mgahinga and Bwindi impenetrable national parks. Mountain gorillas mainly herbivorous animals that feed on vegetation, stinging nettles, fruits, wild celery, leaves, thistles, and bamboo shoots. Although vegetarians can occasionally...
28. February 2023
Bwindi impenetrable forest national park has several waterfalls in both the northern and southern sectors where tourists can participate in nature walks to the picturesque waterfalls. The waterfalls hike is guided through the park; travelers may be able to see different bird species, monkeys, baboons, antelopes, elephants, beautiful butterflies, and a few spiders on their way. Munyaga River Falls: Munyaga River falls guided trail starts from Buhoma and ends in Buhoma, although it takes...
28. February 2023
Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park is home to almost half of the world's total remaining mountain gorilla population. Mountain Gorilla Trekking is the biggest tourist attraction for Uganda’s visitors. Mountain gorilla trekking involves hours of hiking through the dense jungle forest since their giant apes tend to move up and down the slopes. Mountain gorilla tracking permits are booked in advance as only a few permits are issued per day. Gorilla Habituation Experience Mountain gorilla...
28. February 2023
According to anthropologists, the Batwa people lived over 60,000 years ago. They were indigenous forest people who lived in harmony with mountain gorillas. The Batwa people are believed to be among the first inhabitants of the earth. The Batwa people are the original inhabitants of the Great Lakes of East Africa. survived by hunting bush meat and gathering edible fruits from the forest surroundings. Batwa hunting was done with the use of poison-tipped arrows, and the Batwa’s homes were made...
20. February 2023
The best time to do mountain gorilla trekking in Uganda is throughout the year, experiencing Uganda’s two seasons: the dry and the wet seasons. Although the busiest season for doing mountain gorilla safaris is in the dry season, which kicks off in two phases, phase one starts in June, July, August, and September, and the second phase starts in December, January, and February. Uganda’s wet season starts in March, April, and May and another phase starts in October to November yearly. In the...
20. February 2023
Bwindi -Forest -Impenetrable-National-Park-Gorilla.jpg
Buhoma sector is the most popular sector for mountain gorilla trekkers consisting of four mountain gorilla groups that are habituated. Buhoma mountain groups include mubare mountain gorilla family, habinyanja gorilla family, nkuringo gorilla family, and the rushegura gorilla group. Buhoma sector has many comfortable and affordable accommodation facilities like Buhoma community rest camp, Silverback lodge, sanctuary gorilla forest camp, CTPH gorilla conservation, and Buhoma lodge. NKURINGO...
20. February 2023
Bwindi -Forest -Impenetrable-National-Park-Gorilla.jpg
Bwindi Impenetrable forest National Park stands at 331 square kilometers and is a pristine, protected area for mountain gorilla trekking as well as exploring and experiencing a unique floral species in southwestern Uganda that is comprised of a dense tropical rainforest among the remaining few in Africa. Bwindi is a destination in Africa with lowland vegetation zones that meet montane vegetation zones, which a variety of wildlife species depend on for different reasons. Bwindi Impenetrable...

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