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11. November 2022
Kazinga channel is situated in Queen Elizabeth national park and is approximately 40 meters long. Kazinga Channel joins two lakes, Lake Edward and Lake George, located in the western and eastern parts of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Kazinga Channel is a top attraction and fundamental attraction at Queen Elizabeth national park where travelers enjoy numerous views of flora and fauna on their launch cruise. Lake Gorge is situated in the eastern part of the Kazinga Channel, which can be reached...
11. November 2022
Mweya peninsula is situated along the remarkable Kazinga channel bank on the northern side; the Kazinga channel merges Lake Gorge and Lake Edward, and Mweya peninsula joins the Kazinga channel track near Queen Elizabeth national park’s main gate of Katunguru. Mweya peninsula moves transversely up to the Kabatoro door with thick vegetation cover that is being ruled by the Candelabra Thorn. Mweya Peninsula's dense vegetation cover makes game viewing of small animals quite difficult; however,...
10. November 2022
Uganda’s secret cleft has been surfaced in this flat savannah grassland bordering Queen Elizabeth national park located in southwestern Uganda, Kyambura gorge harbors the most popular chimpanzee and other primate species destinations in Uganda like olive baboons among others. Kyambura gorge is perched in the eastern part of Queen Elizabeth National Park; Kyambura Gorge is also known as "the valley of the apes." Kyambura gorge is a product of centuries’ erosion by the Kyambura River....
10. October 2022
Chimpanzee trekking in Kyambura gorge is an interesting tourism adventure that is being done at Queen Elizabeth national park in the kyambura gorge sector. Trekking chimpanzees in this sector is rewarding adventurous for many travelers who are interested in searching for chimpanzees in the Queen Elizabeth national park’s tropical rainforest. Take part in the chimpanzee Uganda safari experience that offers an insight to discover Queen Elizabeth national park's natural wildlife species and...
31. August 2022
Lion tracking is one of the most exhilarating tourist activities for travelers to Uganda in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Unlike Rwanda, Uganda offers lions that can climb trees, and they can be found in the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park in the southern sector of the park. You can only be certain to see tree-climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park if you sign up for the lion tracking program. Uganda's Queen Elizabeth National Park occupies a radius of 1,978 square...
22. August 2022
Bwindi  -Impenetrable-Forest-National-Park-Gorilla.jpg
Explore Uganda and have a fantastic time while traveling to several worthwhile destinations that will enable you to see a number of tourist attractions. You will learn during your safari in Uganda that the nation contains a variety of other attractions besides just the mountain gorillas, which can be seen. A number of wildlife species can be seen in a number of national parks in Uganda for an amazing experience that will make your safari quite memorable. The country also boasts of its beautiful...
11. July 2022
The chimpanzee trekking experience in the kyambura gorge is an exciting activity in Uganda. It involves travelers moving on foot into an African tropical rainforest searching for the habituated chimpanzee troops once they have allocated the chimpanzees travelers spend an hour with them in the natural jungle. Kyambura gorge is situated in the eastern sector of Queen Elizabeth National park which is Uganda’s second-largest savannah National park located in the western region of Uganda in four...
20. May 2022
BullBush River Camp is a rustic safari lodge, that is situated in the tranquil area of Queen Elizabeth National Park offering a one-of-a-kind safari experience in the middle of the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth Uganda. BullBush River Camp is situated minutes away outside of Queen Elizabeth National Park. BullBush River Camp presents uniquely hand-crafted cabins, delicious both local and international-cooked meals, a wonderful swimming pool, and the blending environment for spotting over...
09. December 2021
Mweya Safari Lodge is situated on the heart of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Mweya safari lodge is always acknowledged to be among Uganda’s best safari lodges offering five-star lavish accommodation and up to class excellent services. Mweya safari lodge is positioned perfectly that gives magical views of Lake Edward, the Kazinga channel, and the Rwenzori mountains. Mweya Safari Lodge is well perched in the heart of Uganda savannah wildlife hub. Queen Elizabeth national park is famous due to...
09. December 2021
Jacana safari lodge is located within the heart of Uganda’s finest Queen Elizabeth National Park which protects the rare tree-climbing lions. Jacana safari lodge is set at Uganda’s biggest Crater Lake, Jacana safari lodge is built in a treehouse kind. Jacana safari lodge was constructed in a fragile by the use of rocks, wood, ropes, natural furniture blend that matches with the sweet melodies of the true African tropical hardwood forest taste. Jacana safari lodge also offers an evening...

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