What To Pack For Mountain Gorilla Trekking In 2024



These are some of the items to pack for your gorilla trekking tour while planning your mountain gorilla tour. Here is a list of things to consider carrying in order to enhance your gorilla trekking experience. click here to get mountain gorilla trekking safaris 


Hiking Boots.

Ensure that you carry ankle-waterproof boots that support hiking but are light in weight. That will enable you to climb these steep slopes as well as walk easily through the gentle slopes within the tropical forests.


while looking for the endangered mountain gorillas that move from one place to another within these national parks, be it Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Volcanoes National Park, or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.


Rain Jacket

Travelers should carry rain jackets that are waterproof, windproof, and have a hood. This is due to the fact that forests in these national parks influence rainfall, whether it’s a wet season or a dry season.


Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has a tropical rainforest, and its climate is influenced by There is no guarantee that it won’t rain. The vegetation and ground are always wet, mostly in the morning hours because of the humid conditions.


Garden Gloves

Travelers should always carry gloves that are similar to garden gloves for the protection of their hands during the trek through the forests in these national parks. As they climb the steep slopes, the muddy gentle slopes, and the ground that is always wet, it can be slippery, and you may need to hold some plants or branches for support.


Long Trousers

Travelers are required to carry long trousers, at least two pairs, to protect you from small insects and bugs. Long trousers also protect tourists from scratches because you may slide on the steep slopes


long-sleeved shirts or long-sleeved blouses for the ladies.

Travelers should carry long-sleeved shirts because they protect you from insects, itchy plants, sunlight, and scratches from tree branches.


A Pair of Binoculars

Travelers should carry a binocular to enable you to view various plant and animal species within the national parks in the tropical forest, besides going for Mountain Gorilla trekking. Like in Bwindi impenetrable forest National Park houses other animals like elephants, buffaloes, chimpanzees, black and white colobus monkeys, buffaloes, and more than 350 bird species.



Travelers should ensure that they carry good cameras as they go on the mountain gorilla trek. Gorilla photography will leave you with a lifetime memory. Travelers should carry extra batteries to avoid disappointment.


Trekking poles

Travelers should carry trekking poles, which will enable them to balance the steep slopes within the forests as they trek. Although some lodges provide them for you, or your guide may cut a bamboo stick for you that acts as a pole.


Energy giving Snacks

Mountain gorilla trekking may require tourists to carry some energy-giving snacks since trekking involves hiking for long hours within the tropical rainforest step slopes. Lodges in either Uganda or Rwanda always have these snacks and can be packed for you.


When is the best time to go gorilla trekking in Africa 2024

The best months to go mountain gorilla trekking in Rwanda and Uganda are from June, July, August, September, and December to March yearly. Uganda and Rwanda’s weather is unpredictable; travelers should expect some rain from time to time.

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